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Seasonal Admin Setup
Seasonal Admin Setup
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Review best practices and share it with other administrators of the team to get the most out of the system for the upcoming season, helping plan and run the team.

Credit Card Processing

If your team is not using credit card processing, please contact us to learn more about this feature.

Online Registration

If a past registration is available, we recommend cloning last season's registration setup for new registration. If no previous registration is available, click here to view the steps to create a registration.

If the Registration Admin section is not activated on the site under Org Tools, please contact us to learn more about activating it.

Setting up Events, Meets, & Jobs

Click here to view the steps on how to create a new event or meet.

To view the steps to create job signups, click here.


To view the steps on how to send text messages, click here. To communicate via email, click here.

Managing Website Content

Check the Website Design Overview to learn more about the website's content.

End of Season Clean Up

Make sure to remove admin privilege levels for those who are no longer part of the team. If a new administrator is part of the team, make sure a Superuser creates an account for them and assigns the proper admin level.

Classes that reached the end date are automatically categorized as past classes and can be found on the Classes Admin page and by selecting Past Classes on the Active classes dropdown. To update the date, click the gear icon by the class title and click the Class Date/Time tab.

Ensure all the fees, charge categories, and plans are set up properly for the upcoming season by clicking Business Tools > Billing Manager > Billing Setup.

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