How to Add a New Event or Meet
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You must have Admin Level - Webmaster access to add a new event.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Events & Competition.

  2. Click Team Events.

  3. At the top right-hand corner of the screen, click the + icon.

  4. Click Team Events.

  5. Enter the information as required/desired. At a minimum, you must include an event title, the day and time the event begins, and the date and time the event ends.

  6. When finished, click Create.

Event/Meet Options

Here are some tips and tricks for our most popular options:

  • Start/End Date & Time, Registration Deadline - Use the calendar/time tools to select the date/time.

  • Event Category - Used to place the event in the appropriate category. If you cannot find the category you'd like, create a new one with the green, right-facing arrow.

  • Home Page Tab - use the drop-down to choose the event categories used on the home page events tab.

  • Public/Private Events - To make the event Admin Only, check the box This Event Visible Only to Webmaster and Above. You may also make the event visible only for logged-in users or make it available to the public.

  • Event Signup/Register-

    • If your event is informational, choose Do Not Allow Organization Member to Sign Up/Register for this Event.

    • To create a Yes/No attendance option, choose Allow Online Registration; Response with Yes/No.

    • To connect the event to the Online Registration module, choose Allow Online Registration; Connect to eReg System.

    • To have the option to browse Meet Manager event files or allow meet entries, choose Allow Online Registration; Meet Manager/Meet Events File to Allow Online Meet Entry. Click here to view the steps to load .ev3 or .zip files in a Meet. The files are made available by the meet director.

    • NOTE: You may enter a maximum number of participants and enable/disable parent notes using the online registration through the Response with Yes/No and Meet Manager/Meet Events File.

  • Job Signups - To create a job signup button, choose a Job Signup Deadline. You may also choose to limit the number of jobs allowed per account.

  • Financial Requirements - Restrict entries based on outstanding balances, aging amounts, or payment methods available.

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