How to Create a Registration
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How to Create the Registration

  1. Click Org Tools > Registration Admin in the side menu.

  2. Click Add New.

  3. Fill out the registration details form as desired.

    • If you set the Per Registration Group Limit, this will be defined later.

    • If adding new or editing the agreements, click the three vertical dots > Manage Agreements.

  4. Set up the registration's custom initial and final message by clicking the Title Page and Success tabs.

  5. Optionally, click the Email Promo tab to create an email template promoting the registration.

    • Copy the template, then navigate to Org Tools > Email Center to paste and send it as desired.

  6. When finished, click Save Changes.

How to Set up Registration Fees

Once you save the main registration's details, set up the fees by going to Org Tools > Registration Admin > Registration Title (not checkbox) > Set Up Fees tab.

Location functionality

  • Members Must Select [Location] to Register — Most teams only have one Location, or prices are the same; leave this as NO. If set to YES, you can define different pricing on the next page for each registration group depending on the Location.

    • Location Custom Label — The default is Location. Change this if it means something else, like Resident Status.

  • Available Locations for Registration — Click Select to define and select "Locations." For example, these are actual location names, or "Resident" and "Non-Resident." In the Locations area, use Add New or Delete to manage locations. Once you set the locations, check the box(es) and click Select.

Payment Options

NOTE: Payment Options are not the same as Billing Groups and Sub Billing Groups. Those are set up separately and should mirror the Online Registration payment options.

  • Setup Payment Options for Groups — This allows accounts to select different payment options for each registration group that match billing options, such as annual and monthly. Set this to YES, and under "Available Payment Options," click Select to define and select your payment options. Define the actual dollar amounts on the next page.

  • Manage Payment Options by using Add New and Delete. Once set, check the boxes and click Select.

Registration Groups

  • Registration Groups for Members to Select — Click Select to define. They typically mirror the roster groups but simplify them if the pricing is the same and the admin is the one who decides which roster group to assign athletes to.

  • Manage Groups in the Registration Groups area using Add New and Delete. Once you set all of the Registration Groups, check the box(es) and click the Select button to include. Examples of groups include 6 & Under, 7-8, Gold, Silver, Masters, or simply Swim Team.

  • If adding a new group, fill in all information, including the Registration Group Name, Age Group (specify range), and a brief Description.

Payment Setup

  • Accepted Payment Method(s) — Select Checks Accepted only, Credit Cards Accepted only, Custom Payment Option only, or any combination.

    • If an account pays by credit card, the payment will be charged immediately at checkout.

    • Admins must approve Checks and Custom Payments in the Manage area of Online Registration.

    • Custom Payments are useful for country clubs, for example, when charging fees to the user's club membership account. Use this with the account custom label to capture their membership number.

  • Allow Credit Card to be saved for Auto Pay— This is for users who pay for their registration with a credit card (CC).

    • NO — CC is only used to pay for their registration.

    • OPTIONAL — Gives them the option to retain their CC info for auto pay, which automatically charges for recurring and non-recurring fees.

    • REQUIRED — Saves their CC info for use with autopay. It is helpful for teams that accept credit cards only.

  • Charge CC Processing Fee — Set to YES and enter the flat dollar amount or percentage charge, along with which Chart of Account to bill, so users pay instead of the organization.

    • Some states have laws about passing CC fees to customers. Please check with an attorney and the attorney general for your state.

The ability to pay by credit card significantly benefits the team, including saving credit cards for Auto Pay. The payments are electronically processed and will be in the bank account in 24-48 hours. If you are interested in offering credit card processing, please contact us. Use the other two systems or offer all three, but the payments must be gathered and recorded in the Manage section of Registration Admin.

Connect Outstanding Balance

  • Connect Account Outstanding Balance from Billing System — Select YES to include any outstanding balance owed by the billing system at registration checkout.

    • Allow Credit Balance to Apply at Checkout? — Select YES to include the credit balances from the billing system at registration checkout. Select NO to include only outstanding balances.

Click Next to move to the final fee setup page and to save changes. Only return to this page after saving it. All information will revert to blank fields.

The second page of Fees Setup sets up Registration Costs, Additional Membership fees, Family fees, Multi-athlete discounts, and more. For accuracy, check the Roster Groups, Payment Options, Chart of Accounts, and Location costs.

Per Member Charge Setup

  • Per Member (Athlete) Charge— This is the calculated fee added to each member at checkout based on their selection during registration. The costs defined in each field are associated with the Registration Groups, Payment Options, and Locations from the previous Fees Setup page.

    • Ensure you select a Chart of Accounts and enter a dollar amount for each Registration Group (this can be zero).

    • If not offering certain Payment Options for specific Registration Groups, use the "Show/Hide" toggle to turn on/off payment options.

Other Member Charges

  • Other Per Member (Athlete) Charges — Commonly used for USA Registration fees, apply additional charges to each athlete or specific Registration Groups at checkout.

  • Add More Per Member Charge—Click to add a charge. To work properly, this charge must be named, requirements defined, Registration Group(s) selected, attached to a Chart of Accounts, and have a specified amount. Click OK to add the charge. If the charge changes, remove it and read.

  • Edit — Select an existing charge and click Edit to change it.

  • Remove Selected Charge(s) — Remove selected Other Per Member charge(s).

Registration Group Size Limit

  • Registration Group Size Limit — Only appears if you select the "Per Registration Group Limit" option. To set registration group size limits, click Save Changes and select Per Registration Group Limit on the Basic Setup tab.

  • To set a limit, add a numeric value. For no limit, leave the field blank. The Online Registration enforces limits, and once a Registration Group reaches that number, it no longer allows sign-ups.

Per Account Family Charge

  • Per Account (Family) Charge — This charge can be a required fee (such as an annual registration fee), an optional fee (volunteer opt-out charge), or a quantity amount (banquet tickets) applied at checkout, regardless of how many athletes someone registers.

  • Add More Per Family Charge — Click to add a charge. This charge needs to be named, requirements defined, attached to a chart of accounts, and an amount determined to work correctly. To add a quantity field, specify it here, such as "How many team swimsuits are needed?". Click OK to add the charge. If the charge changes, remove it and re-add.

  • Edit — Select an existing charge and click Edit to change it.

  • Remove Selected Charge(s) — Remove selected Per Account Family charge(s).

Multi-Athlete Discount

  • Multi-Athlete Discount— Toggle to Yes to turn it on, then select the discount in a dollar amount with "Yes - Dollar" or, for a percentage discount, "Yes - Percentage."

    • Yes - Dollar — Applies a flat dollar amount discount to one, many, or all member registration groups. It does not add up the discounts; instead, it applies the amount corresponding to how many athletes registered. For example, if there is a $20 discount for two athletes and $40 for three, when three athletes register, they will get a total discount of $40, not $60. Use the Groups NOT discounted to pick groups that shouldn't receive the discount.

    • Yes - Percentage — Takes a percentage off the total dollar amount calculated from registration group fees only. It does not add up the discounts and applies the amount corresponding to how many athletes registered. For example, if a 10% discount for two athletes and a 20% discount for three athletes, if three athletes register, it will add up the Per Member Athlete Charges for all three and apply a 20%, not 30%, discount to that total. If each athlete costs $100, it would take 20% off $300. Use the Groups NOT discounted to pick groups exempt from the discounts.

Additional Fee/Question

Toggle to YES to turn this function on.

  • Question — Type in the question that accounts see once they select their checkout payment type. For instance, "Are you a Resident?"

  • Answer — Select Yes/No to implement the fee/discount at checkout. For instance, if you select YES for the question above, they will get the fee/discount applied at checkout.

  • Fee/Discount Name — This will be the line item seen at checkout and on the invoice. This charge shows on the checkout page with the dollar amount applied/discounted.

  • Fee to Charge — Enter fee or discount in this field. Discounts display a minus sign.

  • Chart of Account — Use the drop-down to apply the Chart of Accounts to track payments.

Click Save Changes to finalize. Please don't use the Go Back button if you have not saved the changes. Otherwise, the setup is lost.

How to Customize Registration Pages

Once you set the registration and fees, customize the registration pages by going to Org or Team Tools > Registration Admin > "Registration Title" link > Page Setup tab.

Account page Customization

Add or edit content in the boxes in the Account Setup Msg tab. These are rich text boxes and text, formatted text, images, or HTML if desired. When finished, click Save Changes.

Member page Customization

Add or edit content in the boxes in the Member Selection Msg tab. These are rich text boxes and text, formatted text, images, or HTML if desired. When finished, Save Changes.

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