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Expert in 5 Minutes: Agreements
Expert in 5 Minutes: Agreements
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The Agreements functionality allows you to:

  • Easily keep track of statuses - See who has agreed to optional/required documents, timestamped with the version.

  • Manage versions of Agreements - Editing an agreement creates a new version and saves the old in the Version History. Members will need to agree to the latest version.

  • Create as many Agreements as needed.

  • Share agreements via external links - This allows you to send members a copy of the agreement.

  • Send reminder emails - This allows you to send a templated reminder email from the Agreements report.

Accessing Agreements

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Org or Team Tools > Agreements.

Creating Agreements

  1. Access the Agreements page, and click Add Agreement.

  2. Fill out the form as required/desired.

    • Please ensure the document is complete and without errors before saving it. Edits to the agreement create a new version.

  3. Click Save.

View and Update Agreements

  1. Access the Agreements page.

  2. Shown is a list of Active agreements. From here, you can:

    • View Agreements - what classes use the agreement and whether it's required or optional. Click the eye icon to open the agreement in a new browser window.

    • Update Agreements - Under Actions use the icons to:

      • Edit - Click the pencil icon to update the agreement and create a new version.
        โ€‹NOTE: Creating a new version forces all members to re-agree.

      • Review the Version History - by clicking the clock icon > version dropdown, pull up past version(s) of the agreement along with when the version was saved and by whom.

      • Create/copy a link - click the document icon to copy the URL to the agreement to your clipboard.

Adding Agreements

Agreements can be added to:

Tracking Member's Agreements

You can review who has signed/unsigned agreements in a specific class or review all members.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Org Tools > Agreements.

  2. Click the Report tab.

  3. Select the desired filters.

  4. To send reminder emails, select the desired members and click Communicate > Send Agreement Review Reminder.

  5. Click Communicate > Edit & Send Agreement Review Reminder to send a custom email reminder. Edit the email template and click Send.

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