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Expert in 5 Minutes: Calendar
Expert in 5 Minutes: Calendar
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The Calendar is a central hub for viewing all team activities, including bookings, classes, and practices. To view the calendar that includes events and meets, navigate to Events & Competition and click an option under Calendar.

Helpful Tip: The calendar ​is a view-only. If you need to create or edit items, navigate to Bookings Admin, Classes Admin, or Events & Competition.

How to Adjust the Calendar View

At the top left corner of the page, use the filters at the top to narrow your view by appointments, classes, practices, instructors/coaches, and workout statuses. Check the My View box to filter to only your account's appointments, classes, and practices. To save a default filter view, click Save.

At the top right of the calendar, click the Day, Week, Month, or List options to custom the calendar display:

  • Day shows just the events for one day.

    • Navigate using the mini calendar to the left to change the day. Collapse the mini calendar by clicking the arrow icon on the top left.

    • Click the item's name for more details.

  • Week and Month give a bigger picture, with the same controls as Day.

  • List is the default view, showing all events for a given period. It defaults to the current month.

NOTE: The calendar displays only booked appointments. It will not include available appointments.

How to Print or Download the Calendar

  1. Click Calendar.

  2. If the print button is not visible, click the arrow icon on the right side to scroll.

  3. Click Print.

  4. Click Save PDF to download the calendar.

  5. Click View/Print > Printer icon and follow the prompts in your browser.

How to Subscribe to the Calendar

  1. Click Calendar.

  2. Set the desired filters.

  3. If the subscribe button is not visible, click the arrow icon on the right side to scroll.

  4. Click Subscribe Calendar.

    • Subscribing is affected only by the currently set filters, not by the day, week, month, or list view.

  5. Click Copy Link.

  6. Use the copied link or open the link to import the calendar file into your calendar.

How to Send Messages

Message the attendees or the instructor(s) of one or multiple calendar items by:

  1. Click Calendar.

  2. Check the box(es) for the desired event(s).

  3. Click Communication > Message to Attendees or Message to Instructor.

  4. Fill out the email.

  5. Click Send.

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