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Expert in 5 Minutes
Expert in 5 Minutes: Video Library
Expert in 5 Minutes: Video Library
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To get started, from the left navigation menu, click Videos.

From the video library, you can:

  • Upload videos saved to your computer.

  • Filter and view saved videos.

  • Edit, Download, or Delete videos.

How to Upload Videos from Your Computer

  1. From within the video library, click Upload in the upper right corner.

  2. Choose the video(s) from your files and click Open.

  3. Choose where to upload the video - General, Swim Meet, Class, or Practice.

    • If uploading to a Class, Swim Meet, or Practice, select which one it was from the Select Class/Swim Meet/Practice link.

    • If uploading to a Class, you can filter All Classes, Active Classes, or Past Classes using the drop-down.

  4. Choose who can see the video from the Visibility dropdown.

  5. Members who can view the video are listed within the Members text box. If desired, select additional members by clicking Choose.

  6. If desired, you can also add a note.

  7. When finished, click Upload.

How to Find a Video

You can click Customize Filters to create a Saved View, search for a video using the search box, or use the tabs to narrow down the videos in your library to find the ones you need.

How to Edit, Download, or Delete a Video

  1. From the video library, search for the video you'd like to edit, download, or delete.

  2. Use the checkbox to select the video, and click the Download, Edit, or Delete buttons to perform that action.

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