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Expert in 5 Minutes
Expert in 5 Minutes: Mobile Coach
Expert in 5 Minutes: Mobile Coach
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Get up and running quickly on the mobile app in five minutes.

Navigation Tips

Menu Editing

NOTE: Upon login, the home screen will be the top menu item.

  • Tap the Hamburger icon or swipe right to access the Menu.

  • Menu items can be expanded by tapping on them.

  • Long press and drag a menu item to rearrange its location.

Filters & Sorting Views

Various screens in the app, such as Accounts/Members, Billing Manager, and the Birthday Tracker, have options to select/filter data.


  • Tap the top checkbox to Select All.

  • Tap the header checkbox to select all in the section.

  • Tap an individual checkbox to toggle a single selection.

  • Tap an "Action Item" to act on the selected items.


NOTE: If you use the same login, these filters will save from one mobile device to another. The filter you leave a page on is the filter you will return to.

  • Tap the Filter icon to set a new filter.

  • Default filters automatically include Active accounts.

  • Use the View Web icon to access filters created from the web.


NOTE: Most places in the app will save your sorting selection.

  • Tap to choose sort criteria.

  • Tap the sort criteria.

Expand & Collapse

  • Tap to collapse and expand all buckets.

  • Tap a group header to collapse or expand the section.

Social Feed

Post to Feed

  • From within the Social Feed, tap your profile image circle to add/update your photo to appear next to your posts.

  • Tap Share something with your team... and start typing a message.

  • To add photos or other attachments, tap the + in the lower right, then tap attachment type.

    • SCRAPBOOK: This allows you to create a collage of different attachments.

    • PRACTICE: Select a practice > DONE.

    • PHOTO: Either take a photo or select one or more photos > DONE.

    • VIDEO: Either take a video or select one or more videos > DONE.

  • Tap SHARE TO, then select sharing options.

    • Everyone - Default

    • Classes to tag specific classes

    • Member Groups & Locations to tag select groups and locations.

    • Share on Public Website? will make the feed visible to the public on your website.

    • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram simultaneously publish the post to your team's social media accounts. You will need to enter login credentials the first time you select one.

  • Tap POST when finished.


Billing Manager

Finance admins can issue refunds and create charges, credits, and payments using Billing Manager, all within the mobile app.

  1. Slide out the navigation menu, tap the Membership tab, and then tap Billing Manager.

  2. The new page will be a mobile view of the billing manager that mirrors the web.

  3. Search and filter to find any specific member. Tap a Profile Name to see their billing summary.

    • To create a new charge to the account, tap + Charge.

    • To create a credit on the account, tap + Credit.

    • To process a payment from this account, tap + Payment.

      • There must be an outstanding balance on an account before the payment button will be available to use.

    • Follow these instructions to issue a Refund.


Set Preferences

  • Important: From the top right corner of the Attendance screen, tap the gear icon to set preferences for Absent/Present for classes, IN/OUT for practices, and Count/Percentage.

Take Attendance

  • Tap Class at the top to bring up a list of classes. Tap My View to access just your classes.

  • Tap Practice to bring up a list of practices. Tap My View to access just your practices.

  • Tap a Class or Practice to take attendance for that group.

  • Tap a member to take a video, track a skill, or change attendance status.

  • Under the "State" category, tap the circle icon to adjust a single person's attendance status.

  • For classes, select multiple members to bulk change attendance status, track class skills, take a video, message members, or add notes.

  • For practices, select multiple members to bulk change attendance, message members, or add notes.

  • Tap the + member icon to add someone from another class/practice.

Attendance History

  • Tap Attendance History.

  • View history by Class, Practices, or Members.

  • Tap into a class or practice to view members and any associated information.

  • You can set a time frame from the Members tab, sort, and filter, or search for a particular class or practice to find applicable members.

NOTE: Attendance histories for individual members can be found in Membership > Account/Members > Members > Tap a Member > Attendance.

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