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How to Use the Instructor Report
How to Use the Instructor Report
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The Instructor Report gives access to search by classes and instructors, filter by session, program, sub-program, and classes, and quick filter by date, location, class status, and instructor.

The class lineup can be exported to Excel or printed as a PDF.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Click Reports > Instructor Report from the top horizontal menu.

  3. Use the search function and filters to customize your report.

    • The search functionality allows you to:

      • View a specific class.

      • View all of the classes led by a particular instructor.

    • The Customize Filter button can be clicked to view the desired sessions, programs, sub-programs, and classes.

    • The quick filters can be used to view classes:

      • Within a specific date range.

      • At a chosen location.

      • That is active/past.

      • Taught by the instructor(s) selected.

    • The Class title is clickable. Click the class title to open a window to edit the class. Close this window to return to the instructor report.

  4. Once the report has been filtered, it can be exported or printed. To do this, select the classes to export/print.

  5. Click Actions > Export to Excel or Print.

    • Export to Excel - downloads a .CSV file identical to the view on screen.

    • Print - downloads a class schedule as a .PDF based on the filters used.

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