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Expert in 5 Minutes
Expert in 5 Minutes: Business Publisher
Expert in 5 Minutes: Business Publisher
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Getting Started

  1. At the top of the left-hand navigation menu, click Business Publisher.

  2. Click Get Started.

  3. Connect your Google and/or Facebook accounts on the following screen.

    • If you aren't ready to connect one of these accounts, you may skip it for now and add it at a later time. To skip, click I'll do it later.

  4. Link a Google My Business and/or Facebook page for each of your locations. Click the gear icon in the Google or Facebook column to connect the correct listings that correlate to that location.

  5. Once complete, you will land on the Business Publisher Dashboard.


The Dashboard is your starting point for all processes in the Business Publisher. It is where you see and respond to your most recent Facebook and Google reviews and review a snapshot of your listings' performance.

  1. Under your Google Review Summary, find a review you'd like to respond to, and click reply.

    • Once you have responded, you may Edit or Delete any replies you make.

Profile Sync

The Business Publisher allows you to update and ensure that your Facebook and Google listings are in-sync with your website.

  1. From the Business Publisher dashboard, click the Org Business Profile tab.

  2. To the right of a business information field, click the Pencil Icon to add to or edit the information in each section.

  3. When you've finished making updates, click Sync to Google & Facebook from the lower right corner.

  4. Review the information and click on each Cell you'd like published to your connected Google and Facebook pages.

  5. You may click the checkbox to disable or enable the data to sync with your pages.

  6. Once everything appears correct, click Confirm & Sync to save your changes. This will automatically update the information in your Google and Facebook listings to match.


The reviews manager is extremely helpful in asking your most valued customers to leave reviews on your Google or Facebook page. You can also view which accounts you have or have not been prompted to leave a review.

  1. .At the top of the left-hand navigation menu, click Business Publisher.

  2. Click the Reviews tab to access the Facebook/Google review's Summary page.

    • Here, you may reply to reviews or edit/delete your replies.

Requesting Reviews

Reviews Manager makes it easy to view which accounts you have or have not requested reviews from and see any feedback left by your customers.

  1. Navigate to the Back Office.

  2. At the top of the left-hand navigation menu, click Business Publisher.

  3. Click the Reviews tab.

  4. Click Reviews Manager.

  5. To review the templated email sent to your members, click Preview and Customize Review Invitation...

    • If you'd like to make changes, click Customize, edit your message and Save.

  6. Exit the pop-up of the preview.

  7. Use the Filters and Search to quickly narrow down your results

  8. Using the checkbox to the left of each account member, select those you'd like to request a review from.

  9. Click Send Review Invitation...

  10. Click Send.

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