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TeamUnify Update FAQs
TeamUnify Update FAQs
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We are so excited to bring you this Update! Below are the most common questions and answers about upgrading your TeamUnify site.

Update FAQs

When do I have to update my site?

US Customers: All sites will be updated automatically in November 2023. However, we recommend starting the Update as soon as possible to allow time to familiarize yourself with the new system.

If you are running monthly recurring payments, we recommend waiting 5 to 6 days after the payments are processed before updating.

UK Customers: All sites will be updated automatically by February 29th, 2024.

What is the cost of the Update, and what will my processing fees be?

The Update is free! Team Unify organizations will not have to pay anything for the Update. You will be charged the same processing rate fee.

Please contact your account manager to discuss rates/payments for your organization.

Who is my Account Manager? Do I have a customer support representative?

Please click Need Help? > Send us a message, and we'll get you to the right people!

How long does the update take?

Please view all available resources before upgrading, including this guide and webinar.

The update can take 5 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how much information needs to come over for some of our larger TU teams. We suggest you update during downtime to reduce incoming payments or registrations.

Families can still use the platform while the Update is happening. Admins will access the new backend once the Update is complete.

If I have outstanding balances for the current month, will they transfer? Will I be able to see the history?

Before updating, we recommend reviewing all balances since the outstanding balances will carry over and are marked in the billing system as a "Balance Carry Forward." The system will try to charge the account on the due date.

Financial transactions before you hit the Upgrade Now button are called Historical Transactions. You can download that data in a read-only Excel file.

Why can't all my financial historical data be transferred in the update?

Our team has worked tirelessly to create a more robust financial system with enhanced features and improved user experience. In this transformation, some of the billing data from the old system didn't migrate directly over. This is mainly due to the differences in data structures between the new and old systems, but don't worry! We've labeled this as historical data belonging to our previous system.

Click here to view the steps to download your historical data.

What can I expect to be transferred over upon upgrading?

The following items will be transferred:

  • Banking Information

  • Events, Event Files, and Info Docs

  • Roster, Email, and Billing Groups

  • Agreements

  • Chart of Accounts - After the Update, CoAs are called Charge Categories.

  • Outstanding Balances

  • Service hours and job history

  • Billing History - The Family Account Holder can see their entire Billing History. The transactions cannot be refunded.

  • Calendar

  • Website link

  • Swim England Connection (UK Customers)

  • USA Swimming Connection (US Customers)

  • Late fee settings

  • Organization Settings

  • Membership and Registration Data

What needs to be re-entered after the Update?

Lessons and Classes have to be recreated, and the registrants who were actively enrolled will need to be manually registered. Click here to view how to manually register a student for a class.

We also suggest reviewing your Billing Settings before upgrading from Billing Manager > Billing Settings.

Are any updates required for the family's accounts, and should we inform them about this Update?

The family accounts require no updates. However, they will see many changes under My Account and an enhanced Registration and Shopping Cart experience. We would recommend that you let them know about the updates.

Lessons, Classes, and Registration FAQ

Where can we find resources specifically for classes?

If you want to learn more about the new help resources available, you can click here. Click Need Help? to access Walk-throughs, the Academy, and Articles anytime.

You can click here to view our library of articles for classes.

I have upcoming classes/lessons. How do I refund registrants who paid in the old system and need to cancel after the transfer?

Because refunds cannot be completed for older payments that occurred before the Update, you would have to do one of the following actions:

  • Give them an "offline" refund (check/cash/etc.) or

  • Give them a credit if they plan to continue their participation in the programming or

  • Please contact our Support Team, and we can go ahead and complete the refund for you through our payment processing tools.

We have multiple registrations open. Will these be affected?

No, you will need to turn them off temporarily and then turn them back on after the Update is done.

Can we add more agreements, and how do I view signed agreements?

Yes, you can add as many agreements as needed. Agreements are member-specific and can be viewed at any time. New agreements require a signature, and you can automatically email the accounts.

Click here to learn more about agreements.

Billing and Financials FAQ

When creating a charge, do we still have the option to charge immediately or add the charge to the next automatic billing?

Yes, that option is still available.

Is ACH available?

Available to US Customers only.

ACH is available in the new system as an On-demand payment within the billing system. However, it is not available within Registration or Lessons.

Can we link to QuickBooks?

Yes, Quickbooks is available in the newly updated toolset.

Can non-billing periods be designated for specific groups?

Yes. First, you'll need to create a Billing Group and a Billing Schedule specific to the Billing Group. For example, you can create Group A, charged January-March, and Group B, charged February-April. Click here to learn more.

Will there be an ability to pull a Chart of Accounts report using the SE Payment amounts?

You can break down the SE payments by the Chart of Accounts (now called Charge Category), but it will be before processing fees.

What will happen if I have SE Payments Payouts Pending?

During the update process, billing is off. Once the update is complete, Payouts immediately start back up. If you have many pending payouts, please wait for them to settle and then update for a clean cutover.

Can we update bank account numbers for the team, and do we still have the ability to have two bank accounts?

Yes! To update the bank account, you will need a written request/approval from two active SuperUsers. You can add another bank account if you wish.

Website FAQ

How can I change my website domain?

After the update is complete, click Need Help? > Contact Us > Send us a message to submit your URL to our support team.

Are subdomains supported in the customer URL?

Yes! Please reach out to our Support Team via the Need Help? Button, and we will connect you with a Team Member to assist you with URLs and Custom Domains.

If one of our families has bookmarked the old site, when you update and launch, will the new site work with the old bookmark?

Yes, they can access your new site using the same bookmark.

Is my website still GDPR compliant?

UK/EU Customers only.

Yes, it is! Click here to learn more.

Mobile FAQ

Which mobile app should I use?

You may access your teams using the OnDeck or SportsEngine Motion mobile apps. Click here to learn more.

Will OnDeck stop working once I update?

No, it will update to your most current experience.

Can my staff still take attendance in the app?

Yes, as long as they have the proper permissions. To view how to take attendance for practices, click here. For classes, click here.


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