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Those coming from TeamUnify will notice an enormous update to financial tools. Due to the changes, we renamed the tools off of the main menu from Invoices and Payments to Billing Manager.

Ready to see all of the awesome updates? Simply click Business Tools > Billing Manager to dive in!

Billing Set-up

Find General Settings by navigating to Business Tools > Billing Manager > Billing Set-up. Please make sure to double-check these after upgrading your system.

General Settings

The most important item under General Settings is ensuring your preferred account method is selected right away. You now have the ability to be cash or accrual (historically, the system has been accrual).

You also want to confirm your Organizational Management Fee. This now is a global setting, and this fee will apply to all registrations, billing, and lessons.

Charge Categories

This is formerly known as the Chart of Accounts.

  • Due Plan: This is NEW! The Due Plan allows you to select any day you'd like to charge - not just the first of the month. You may also invoice on the first and automatically collect funds any day after.

  • Late Fees: Applying late fees is available but with so much more, like setting an amount minimum. This tells the system to not charge late fees if the balance is below a certain amount. You can decide to add late fees once a month, or for every overdue item.

  • Wallet: Not much has changed - the Wallet can require CCs to be added on file globally and allow parents to remove their cards on file.

  • Notifications: Control the emails that are sent out by selecting which automated emails you'd like to send or not. Options include the expiring credit card report, invoices, overdue charges, and many more.

  • Non-Billing Periods: This works very similarly to how it did in the past. If you have a month that shouldn't have any scheduled billing, you may stop any reoccurring charges en masse.

  • Tax Rates: Set added tax to any Chart of Account to auto-apply whenever the charge category is selected.

Billing Overview

Billing Overview now contains a search bar, allowing you to easily find accounts and members. You can customize filters for the group(s) you're looking for and set default views.

If you use the lessons system, you will see both the team and lesson information within Billing Manager. We encourage the use of filters for lessons or teams if you offer both.

Under the Customize Filter section, quickly filter on dates for Billing History, Payment Statuses (with or without failed payment), All Electronic Payment Statuses (with or without Electronic payment on file), All Balance Statuses (with or without balance, with a negative balance) or All Overdue Statuses (With Overdue Charges or No Overdue Charges).

Under the Action section, you now can export account statements, export to Excel, and post charges (formally invoices) payments, or credits in bulk.

Posting bulk charges gives the ability to add more details to the items being charged. You may also add a charge, but collect on another date.

Under Communicate, you can send SMS, current statements, payment set-up emails, or custom emails!

Account information was updated to show accounts and members, and a detailed view of recent account dealings. You can also quickly pull invoices or click on a name to view an individual account and add items.


  • Charge Category Report: This report, formerly the COA report, can now break down a payout by the charge category. Please note that if you add a payout into the system, it will only show the charge categories associated with the payout you are reconciling.

  • Payment Summary: This report works the same as the current payment summary but includes the ability to filter on payment status. If there is a failed payment, you will be able to see that in this report.

  • Account Charge Summary: This report is an updated version of the income transaction report.

  • Expiring Credit Cards: This report will show those that have expired credit cards, but also give you the ability to look ahead 30, 60, or 90 days to see those that have credit cards that will be expiring soon!

  • Billing Simulation: This report gives you the ability to simulate charges and payments to any date in the future.

  • Overdue Charge Summary: This report, formally the aging report, will give you the ability to see outstanding balances and how overdue they are. 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, or 91+ days.

  • Discount Coupon Report: This report explains in lessons how many discounts have been applied.

  • Unapplied Credit Report: This report shows what you owe your customer. Any over payments or credits that are outstanding on accounts.

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