How to Set Up Billing Preferences
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Update and edit multiple billing preferences in one place using Billing Setup:

  1. Click Business Tools > Billing Manager in the left-hand navigation panel.

  2. On the top right-hand side of the page, click the Billing Setup button.

  3. Fill out the settings as desired.

General Settings

  1. Unapplied Payment Application

    • Use Unapplied Payment Automatically or

    • Manually apply payments

  2. Electronic Payment Transaction Fees

    • Charge Credit Card Per Transaction Fee, or

    • Charge ACH Per Transaction Fee

  3. Parent On-Demand Payments

    • Full Balance Only- Can only make On-Demand payments in full.

    • Auto Apply- Parents control how much they pay On-Demand.

    • Full Control- Full control of how payments are applied.

Charge Categories

Charge Categories allow you to set up a Chart of Accounts by defining various Charge Categories to use for your charges. It also gives the ability to edit existing categories.

Due Plan

Due Plan allows the user to configure due dates for posted charges. Due Plan can be set in two ways:

  • Days after Charge Date- Charges are due after a specified amount of days.

  • Monthly Roll-Up- Charges are due on a specific day of the month.

Late Fees

On this page, users configure how and when late fees are assessed and collected.

Under Late Fees due after, note that:

  • If you select 0, the late fee charge posts the day after the charge is due (e.g., A charge due on 01/01 will post a Late Fee on 01/02).

  • If you select 1, the late fee charge posts two days after the charge is due (e.g., A charge due on 01/01 will post a Late Fee on 01/03).


In the Wallet, you can decide how parents can control their electronic payment methods on file.

  • Auto Payment- The user can make an auto payment required for all accounts.

  • Payment Method Removal- This will give the user the choice to allow the removal of Credit Cards or Bank Accounts by parents.


The notifications page determines how the system will notify users and admins of specific events. Click here to learn more.

  • Billing Event Notifications for Users- Select the events that should trigger a notification.

  • System Notifications for Administrators- Administrators can receive daily summaries of all financial activities.

Non-Billing Period

Set up periods when billing modules are turned off for classes, bookings, service hours, and group billing.

Tax Rates

Add or edit any necessary tax rates to comply with local and federal requirements. Set the desired tax rate as a default to apply automatically.


Select the desired Meet Fee options for your organization.

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