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How to Run a Billing Simulation
How to Run a Billing Simulation
Updated over a week ago

This feature allows a parent to see the upcoming scheduled charges and payments posted to their account over a selected period. Parents will see the total projected amounts for posted charges and payments and a detailed breakdown of each charge and payment.

  1. Click My Account > Account Info > Billing Summary in the left navigation menu.

  2. Along the right-hand side of the screen, click Simulate Billing.

  3. Using the modal, enter your "Simulation Date."

  4. Click Start Simulation.

    • The further your simulation date is in the future, the longer the report will take to generate.

  5. The simulation will run, and a new modal will load with your simulated billing summary.

    • The top of the report shows the projected charges and payments and what the unapplied payment, balance due, and the overdue amount will be as of the date chosen.

    • The chart will show each charge, payment, refund, or credit breakdown. Use the search and filters to narrow the data displayed.

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