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How to Run a Billing Simulation Report
How to Run a Billing Simulation Report
Updated over a week ago

You must have Admin Level - SuperUser and Financial Admin access to run a Billing Simulation Report.

The billing simulation report is an important feature, allowing invoicing to be corrected before the 1st of the month billing run at 12:01 AM PST. Once the billing run occurs, you will need to fix mistakes by debiting and crediting invoices manually.

Billing runs cannot be rolled back. Please run this report and fix transactions until billing is accurate.

  1. Click Business Tools > Billing Manager from the left navigation menu.

  2. From the top horizontal menu, click Billing Simulation.

  3. Choose the date to simulate, and to filter further, type in or choose a(n):

    • Account Name

    • Locations

    • Account Status

    • Wallet Status

  4. Click Perform Simulation to generate the report.

    • To save the file, click Export to Excel.

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