How to Set Up Late Fee Parameters
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  1. Click Business Tools > Billing Manager from the left navigation menu.

  2. From the upper right-hand corner, click Billing Setup.

  3. Click the Late Fees tab.

  4. Enter the amount of the late fee and set the minimum overdue charge amount. Overdue charges under the amount set will not generate a late fee. Be sure to take into account the processing fees when determining this number.

  5. Choose your assessment method.

    • Once per month - Late fees are charged once per month on a specific day. You can choose a flat fee or charge once for each overdue amount.

    • Days past due date - Late Fees are charged X days after the charges are due. Each Overdue Charge will generate a separate Late Fee charge.

  6. Choose the days the account can be past due before generating another late fee.

  7. Choose the Charge Category you would like.

  8. When finished, click Save Setup.

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