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Mobile: Practice Attendance Overview
Mobile: Practice Attendance Overview
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Who is eligible to take attendance for a practice:

  • A Super User can take attendance for practices they create.

  • An Assistant Coach can take attendance for a practice they create or are assigned to by a head coach.

  • A Head Coach can take attendance for all practices.

How to Take Attendance

NOTE: You must set locations before taking attendance. If you notice members need to be in another location or roster, edit them under Accounts/Members.

  1. Tap the Hamburger icon > Attendance & Calendar.

  2. Tap New.

  3. Select the desired roster group and location.

  4. expand the Update Practice Details section and make any edits if desired.

  5. When finished, tap Take Attendance Now.

  6. Check the member(s) box(es) to take attendance.

  7. At the bottom left corner, tap Attendance.

  8. Select the desired attendance.

  9. When finished, tap Done.

How to View Attendance History

  1. Tap the Hamburger icon > Attendance & Calendar.

  2. Tap the History tab.

  3. To see the practices' attendance, tap the Practices tab.

    • Practice notes are visible by tapping Notes.

  4. Tap the Members tab to see a specific member's attendance.

  5. Tap the desired session or member to see details.

    • To make attendance changes, check the member(s) box(es) and tap Attendance. Select the desired attendance and tap Done.

How to Set Attendance Preferences

  1. Tap the Hamburger icon > Attendance & Calendar.

  2. In the upper right corner, tap the gear icon.

  3. Set the desired preferences.

  4. When finished, tap Done.

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