Mobile: How to Run Test Sets
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NOTE: You must create the test set within the workout and practice, then take attendance before running the test set. Click here to view the steps.

  1. In the upper left corner, tap the hamburger icon.

  2. Tap Coaching Tools.

  3. Tap Practice Calendar.

  4. Locate and tap the desired set.

  5. Find the desired test set and tap the stopwatch icon.

  6. Tap Add Lane.

  7. Enter the number of lanes and tap Done.

  8. At the bottom of each lane, tap Assign Swimmers and tap the swimmer's name to add to the lane.

  9. Tap Start.

  10. Once each swimmer reaches the set's end, tap Finish Swim.

  11. Tap View Result.

  12. If desired, tap the heart rate icon to add the start and end heart rates.

To edit the time results, tap the desired time and enter the new time. When finished, tap Save. Guardians can view these results on the Test Sets tab.

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