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View meet results from any past meet, all in your hand. Access under Events > Meet Results. Note: To see meet results in OnDeck, you must import meet results on the web or sync and release TouchPad results first. They will then instantly be available for coaches and parents to view in OnDeck.

List of Meet Results
  1. DATE RANGE - The default range is 30 days. Tap to change.

  2. COURSE - Defaults to all course types. Tap to narrow down to a specific course—SCY, SCM, or LCM.

  3. MY SWIMMER — Tap to toggle between showing only events that include your swimmers or all events (default).

  4. TOUCHPAD — Defaults to TouchPad and non-TouchPad results. Tap to toggle to show only results from TouchPad.

  5. Tap a meet results title to view. Those with the green swimmer icon indicate your kids swam in the meet.

The Events Tab

Meet Results by Events
  • Use the top arrows to navigate among results from different meets.

  • Use filters to narrow down results by GENDER, AGE GROUP, DISTANCE, and STROKE.

  • Tap an event to see results for all swimmers in that event.

  • Arrows at the top navigate among events.

  • Tap the stopwatch to view splits.

The Swimmers Tab

  • The number to the right of the athlete’s name indicates the number of times they will compete in this meet.

  • Tap an athlete’s name to see all their results for this meet.

    • Arrows at the top navigate among athletes.

    • Tap the down arrow to the right to view details, then stopwatch to view splits.

    • Tap the event name to view results for all athletes in that event.

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