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How to Process a Full or Partial Refund
How to Process a Full or Partial Refund
Updated over a week ago

Finance admins negate payments on the account ledger when issuing a refund. Refunded payments show as Refunded in the account ledger.

  1. Click Business Tools > Billing Manager from the left navigation menu.

  2. Search for and click the account to manage.

  3. Search for and click on the payment item to refund.

  4. Click Refund.

  5. Choose whether to process a full or partial refund. If partial, choose the applied charge and enter the refund amount.

    • NOTE: If the original payment is never owed again, you must credit against the original charge. Please check the Issue Credit for this Refund box.

  6. To complete the refund, click Process Refund.

    • NOTE: Refunds must be issued within 180 days of the transaction.

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