Swim-a-Thon Donation Refund
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You must have Admin Level - Webmaster access to refund a donation.

NOTE: Refunds can be issued within 180 days of the transaction.

When a refund is processed:

  • The amount of the donation is removed from the fundraising event total.

  • Credit is added to the account invoice. The credit will use the CoA defined when setting up the fundraiser event.

  • An individual credit will appear for the donation and the refunded donation fee.

  • The refund is automatically recorded in billing reports such as SE Payments Payouts/Transactions, Inc & Pay Sum, etc.

How to Refund Back to the Credit Card

  1. Click Business Tools > Event Fundraising Admin in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the Results tab.

  3. Find the donor to refund, using the search tools if needed.

  4. Select the donor you would like to refund.

  5. Click Refund Donation.

  6. Enter the amount you would like to refund.

    • The amount can be a full or partial refund.

  7. Click Save Donation Refund.

Once the donation is refunded, it will appear as a donation in the USA Swimming Report unless deleted. To delete, click the Donor > x Delete Donation.

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