Event Fundraising Overview
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You must have Admin Level - Webmaster access to create and manage a fundraiser.

Completing the first steps and implementing a strong launch are keys to a successful fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Creation

  1. First, create a new fundraiser or clone a previous fundraiser.

  2. Optionally, set up incentives for fundraising.

    • Incentives can be removed at any time.

  3. Set up the split of the processing fees.

  4. If the fundraiser was turned off after testing, set the fundraiser as current.

    • This will ensure the fundraiser event is active and displayed on the website.

Managing the Fundraiser

  1. Edit/Approve the donations.

  2. Create fundraiser financial reports.

  3. If offline donations are accepted, add the offline donor.

  4. If needed, issue a refund for a donation.

Promote the Fundraiser

  1. Promote the fundraiser on the team's social media.

  2. Encourage the families to use the Promo Video button.

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