Event Fundraising Overview
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You must have Admin Level - Webmaster access to create and manage a fundraiser.

Completing the first steps and implementing a strong launch are keys to a successful fundraising campaign.

Fundraising Creation

  1. First, create a new fundraiser or clone a previous fundraiser.

  2. Optionally, set up incentives for fundraising.

    • Incentives can be removed at any time.

  3. Set up the split of the processing fees.

  4. Before activating the fundraising, test to ensure the proper setup.

  5. If the fundraiser was turned off after testing, set the fundraiser as current.

    • This will ensure the fundraiser event is active and displayed on the website.

Managing the Fundraiser

  1. Edit/Approve the donations.

  2. Create fundraiser financial reports.

  3. If offline donations are accepted, add the offline donor.

  4. If needed, issue a refund for a donation.

Promote the Fundraiser

  1. Promote the fundraiser on the team's social media.

  2. Encourage the families to use the Promo Video button.

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