Mobile: Admin Dashboard Overview
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The Mobile Admin Dashboard provides a snapshot of essential information and can dive deeper as needed. Widgets can be moved around or disabled to your liking, except for My Finances/Wallet.

My Finances/Wallet

The My Finances/Wallet widgets are the first items on the dashboard.

  • My Finances - This shows balances and overdue items and allows you to dive deeper by tapping billing summary/billing simulation. If needed, you can also make a payment.

  • My Wallet - Gives you a snapshot of the payment options you have on file, plus the option to add/edit a payment method or what each card is used for by tapping Add New Card.

Org Finances

Visible for Financial Admins Only, Org Finances provides a quick overview of the financial health of your business and how you compare to last month, with the opportunity to dive deeper by tapping Billing Manager.

Provide Feedback

For organizations using Business Publisher, the Provide Feedback widget encourages rating your organization and makes it easy. You will see a red "alert" icon if prompted to leave a review.

Social Feed

The Social Feed from the admin dashboard allows you to quickly:

  1. Access your social feed to view all posts.

  2. Edit or delete this post.

  3. Create a new post.

Business Publisher

For organizations using Business Publisher, the widget lets you flip between Google and Facebook to view your performance, see your rating, and reply to reviews. You can also dive deeper and review your feedback by tapping View More.

Class Management/Attendance

The Class Management/Attendance widget shows active and total enrollments with the ability to see how this month compares to the last. You can view this information by percentage or count.

If you are eligible, you can also use this widget to take attendance by tapping Take Attendance.

Booking Management

The Booking Management widget displays the number of active bookings and today's bookings, allowing you to see how many of your appointments are booked.

Tap View Bookings Calendar to access the calendar view of the appointments, or open the menu and tap Attendance & Calendar.


Another way to see how your organization is doing is by reviewing your active/new members and accounts. You can quickly see if you are gaining new accounts/members from a promotion you completed or need to complete an account clean-up because your members have aged out or aren't actively participating.

The Membership widget also allows you to send birthday greetings to members with just a couple of taps.

Point of Sale

For organizations using Point of Sale, You can make or check on your sales quickly and easily with the Point of Sale widget.

  • If you have multiple locations, you can choose which location to view.

  • Click View More to see a list of orders made.

  • Click the shopping cart to add or view items already in the cart and charge users.

My Upcoming Sessions

Easily view all upcoming sessions, including appointments, classes, and practices.

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