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Mobile: Admin Mobile Home Dashboard FAQ
Mobile: Admin Mobile Home Dashboard FAQ
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What is the Home Dashboard?

The Mobile Home Dashboard is the landing page of the mobile app. You may recall this page being dedicated to the Social Feed. The Home Dashboard now includes widgets for multiple features, including the Social Feed. All components, including the Home Dashboard, are accessible by tapping the hamburger icon.

Can I change the order of the widgets on the Home Page?

The My Finances and Wallet widget cannot be moved, but the rest can! Simply long-press and drag the widget to where you'd like it to be placed.

Can I remove a widget?

Yes - Admins can navigate to the Privacy & Settings page to remove widgets. Removing certain widgets is a popular option for those who do not have members enrolled.

How can I force data to refresh on the Home Page?

From the top of the screen, drag the page down, and release it to refresh the page.

I hid the Provide Feedback widget - how can I get it back?

You must access your website, then prompt a user to give feedback via Business Publisher for the widget to re-appear in the app.

How do I see the number of enrolled members from this time last month?

Scroll to the Class Management/Attendance widget, and switch the Enrolled Members toggle from Percentage to Count.

How can I view member's birthdays and send a greeting?

Within the Membership widget is a "Birthdays" drop-down menu with an icon showing the number of birthdays occurring in the next 7 days. Expand the dropdown to see who's having a birthday, then tap the chat box icon to send birthday wishes!

In My Attendance, what do the icons signify?

  • Tap the blue note page icon to review the notes captured during a class.

  • View any class videos uploaded by tapping the video camera icon.

  • To see the skills completed by a member during class, tap the number icon.

  • The attendance icon displays whether the student was marked absent or present.

I know my child was present - why do I see "No Attendance Info" for their class?

If an instructor is not recording attendance, you will see the "No Attendance Info" status. If you would like your instructor to start using this feature, reach out to them and let them know!

Is practice information shown on the Home Screen?

No - the Home Screen has information about classes.

How can I view all attendance records for a child or member?

In My Attendance, tap the "Class Name" and navigate the Member Detail section to see the member's attendance record.

Where do I manage my settings preferences?

Tap the hamburger icon > Settings & Privacy.

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