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Mobile Home Page FAQ for Parents
Mobile Home Page FAQ for Parents
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Q: Did the navigation change in the app?
A: Yes, once you log in, you will be directed to “Home” as the first menu item instead of “My Account”. You will also see “Home” in your navigation. At any time you need to get back to your “Home” page, simply click on the hamburger menu and select “Home”

Q: Can I move the tiles to display in a different order?
A: Yes, you can long-press and drag the tiles to the position that you would like them in. However, you cannot move the “My Finances and Wallet” tiles as they must stay at the top of the screen.

Q: If my data is not refreshing on the screen, how do I get it to refresh?
A: From the top of the screen, you can pull down to refresh the data.

Q: Can I access member and account information from the home screen?
A: Yes, simply click on the avatar images located on the screen. To access the account information, click on the avatar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. To access the member account, click on the avatar in my classes or my attendance.

Q: How do I access my full class calendar from the home page?
A: Simply, click on a class name in “My next classes” and you will be directed to your full calendar.

Q: What do all the icons mean in My Attendance and are they clickable?
A: Yes, except for the attendance icon of “P” Present and “A” Absent, they are clickable. If you click on the note page, you will see any notes captured during that specific class. If you click on the video camera, you see videos associated with that class. If you click on the number within the circle, you will see skills that have been completed for that class

Q: Why am I seeing “No attend Info” when I know my child/member was in class?
A: This does not necessarily mean that your child was not a class! This means the actual attendance was not recorded in the system for that particular class. We would encourage you to talk with your organization, to have them record the attendance so you can see it.

Q: Will I see practice information on my home page?
A: No, you will only see class information on your home page.

Q: How can I see all my attendance records for my child/member?
A: Simply, click on the class name in “My attendance” and you will be directed to the member detail screen for attendance, where you will see all the attendance records, for that member.

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