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OnDeck Parent: Expert in 5 Minutes
OnDeck Parent: Expert in 5 Minutes
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Get set up with the parent dashboard in OnDeck Mobile in five minutes. This area of the mobile app can be found by tapping Home in the navigation menu.

Customize your Home Page

When you first arrive at the Home Page it will be set to the default order. If you would like to customize your Home Page, simply long-press and drag each tile to shuffle them around to your liking. The Finance and Wallet tiles are not movable and will remain at the top.

My Finances

In this area of the mobile dashboard, you are able to quickly and easily get a handle on your financial information. Listed here will be your balance and overdue balance as well as any credit cards you may have on file. If you do not have a credit card on file you may tap the + Credit Card button beneath your financial summary to add one. To view your wallet, simply slide the finances tile to the left and it will show your wallet. You will see what electronic payment options you have on file and what type of payments they are designated to be used for. Simply click the arrow and you can view and manage all your payment options.

My Next Classes/Practices

Scroll down on the page, and you will see all of your upcoming classes and practices, broken down by Member. If you have multiple members within your account, you can see an individualized view for each of them to alleviate any possible confusion. Listed is the next date and time for each class/practice each member is currently enrolled in. Tap the name of a member to view their details. Tap on the class or practice name to bring you to the calendar to see a complete picture of your schedule. Want to enroll in more classes or practices? No Problem! Simply click the Register for a Class button, and that will open a mobile responsive registration browser window on your device.

My Attendance

My Attendance allows you to see your attendance for the immediately previous class or practice you have been enrolled in. You can see any notes from the class/practice, any videos this member is in, what skills were accomplished in the class as well as their attendance. Just tap on the icons to see the details. Any members who are not enrolled have a button to bring you to a mobile responsive registration browser window.

Social Feed

Social Feed displays the most recent post on your social feed. Tapping the arrow to the right of the title will bring you to the full social feed, where you can view all previous posts. Clicking on videos or pictures within the social feed tile expands a full-screen viewer upon tapping on them, and videos will play. Close the media viewer to return to where you left off on the home page.


Videos will display the most recent video that any member within your account can access. Tapping the arrow to the right of Videos will bring you to the video library of all videos your account has access to.

Cool Tools

OnDeck offers a few goodies in Cool Tools to help make your athletes more effective.


The ability to time up to five swimmers is great for motivation.

  1. Select the number of watches—one or two (phone), or up to five in landscape view (tablet only).

  2. Tap either Unified Start (everyone starts at once) or Staggered Start (each watch has its own Start button).

  3. Tap the green Start button(s).

    Stopwatch Staggered Start
  4. Tap Lap as each swimmer completes a lap, as many laps as you want.

  5. Each time you tap Lap in a lane, you will see the lap number, split time, and total running time.

  6. Tap Undo Lap if you accidentally tap Lap.

  7. Tap Stop when each swimmer finishes.

  8. Tap to Reset an individual watch (Staggered Start only), or tap the green circular arrow in the upper right to reset all to zero (visible only with Unified Start).

Time Converter

Use this to convert times for a distance and stroke from one course to another, such as SCY to LCM.

Time Converter
  1. Tap the time to convert from the top and enter each time portion, from hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths/hundredths, tapping Next after each one (only if you enter a single digit; it will advance automatically when you enter two digits) and Done at the end.

  2. Tap DISTANCE / STROKE, select those, and tap Select.

  3. Tap the course you are converting from on the left and to on the right. You may only select the options in blue.

  4. The converted time is shown at the bottom.

  5. The circular arrow in the upper right resets everything.

Pace Calculator

Use this to help your swimmers know what average lap times they need to hit a certain timing target.

Pace Calculator
  1. Tap the final distance, such as 200. Note the color coding that represents valid distances for each course.

  2. Tap the target time at the top and enter each time portion, from hours, minutes, seconds, and tenths/hundredths, tapping Next after each one and Done at the end.

  3. Below you will see the average times needed to hit that target.

  4. You may tap other distances (#2) and it will calculate the target (#1) and lap times (#3) based on your original entry.

  5. The circular arrow in the upper right resets everything.

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