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OnDeck Coach: Expert in 5 Minutes
OnDeck Coach: Expert in 5 Minutes
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Get up and running quickly in OnDeck in five minutes.

Navigation Tips

OnDeck Menu Editing

  • Tap or Swipe right to access the Menu

  • Tap Up/Down Arrow to expand the Menu

  • Long press and drag to rearrange Menu items

Note: The top Menu item will be your home screen at login.

Filters & Sorting Views


  • Tap top check box to Select All

  • Tap header check box to Select All in section

  • Tap individual check box to toggle a single selection

  • Next, tap an editing option that appears at the bottom


  • Tap Filter to set a new filter

  • Tap ADD NEW FILTER to add a new filter or to edit a filter

  • Default filters automatically include Active accounts

  • Add filter fields and then name the filter

  • Tap Save

  • An active filter shows Filter in blue

Note: These filters will save across OnDeck from one mobile device to another as long as you use the same login. The filter you leave a page on is the filter you will return to.


  • Tap SORT to choose a sort criteria

  • Tap the sort criteria

  • Tap Save

Note: In most places in OnDeck your sorting selection will be saved.

Expand & Collapse

  • Tap UP/DOWN arrows will collapse and expand all buckets

  • Tap a group header to collapse or expand the section

Taking Attendance

Attendance is now in one place!

  • Important: Tap in the top right corner of the Attendance screen to set preferences for IN/OUT and Count/Percentage

Take Attendance

  • Tap a Roster to take attendance for that group

  • Tap to adjust Date, Distance, Type, and Notes

  • Tap IN/OUT to adjust a single swimmers attendance status or select multiple accounts to bulk change attendance status, message swimmers or add notes

  • Tap the Add Swimmer icon to add a swimmer from another roster group

  • Tap Save

Attendance History

  • Tap Attendance History

  • Use filters, duration, or sorting to adjust the view.

  • Tap a swimmer to view attendances

  • Tap a practice to break down or adjust practice attendance

Note: Attendance histories for individual swimmers can be found in Account/Members in Members > Tap a Swimmer > Attendance.

Best Times and Time Standards

Best Times

  • Tap an Account

  • Use Filter and Sort if needed

  • Tap the Stopwatch to see splits (stopwatch will be blue when splits are available)

  • Tap the time to switch between SCY, SCM, and LCM times

  • Tap a time to compare to Time Standards

Note: Swimmer best times are also available under the Account/Members tab > Members > Tap a Member > Best Times tab

Time Standards

  • Tap Select Standards

  • Use the drop downs or search to find time standards

  • Tap a standard to add it to your view (the arrow will turn green)

  • Tap Done

  • Tap a Distance, Stroke, and Course Type

  • Select Male or Female times

  • Tap Filter to collapse the stroke picker

  • Tap a standard to see who made the cut and view swim ups

Note: To remove time standards easily from your list, tap Select Standards > Selected. Your selected standards will save across the application when looking at standards in Best Times or within Member > Best Times.

Job Manager


  • Tap an upcoming Event/Meet

  • Tap to create a new job or tap an existing Job Bucket to access the Job Detail.

Note: You can access Jobs, Start Times or People from this page.

Job Details

  • Tap Fill to fill the slot with an Account

  • Tap / to add a new volunteer time slot

  • Tap to check a volunteer in (green is checked in)

  • Select an Account, Bucket, or All to bulk Change, Check In, Message or Delete the time slot.

Note: You can edit or delete this job at the top of the page.


  • Easily manage volunteers by Account tap the People

  • Search or Scroll

  • Tap an Account

  • Tap to check a volunteer in (green is checked in)

  • Tap MESSAGE to send an Email, SMS or Push notification.

Cool Tools


  • Select the number of watches

  • Tap Unified or Staggered Start

  • Tap Start

  • Use Lap and Stop

Time Converter

  • Tap the clock to enter a time


  • Tap Select

  • Tap desired course conversion

Pace Calculator

  • Tap a length

  • Tap and Enter your target time MM:SS:MS

Note: Tap other course lengths to see their adjusted target times. Resets all Cool Tools.

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