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OnDeck Parent: Membership
OnDeck Parent: Membership
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My Account

  1. You can get a quick overview of your information by tapping the Hamburger icon > Membership > My Account. From here you can view your basic information as well as your current account balance.

  2. Tap the UPDATE PROFILE button at the bottom to make any changes to your information. Changing data here changes the data on the web and vice versa.

  3. Tap the GUARDIAN or MEDICAL tabs to update that information and when you save your changes it will update the information across all three tabs.

  4. Tap SAVE at the bottom if you made any changes.

Member Details

To access the details of your swimmers, scroll down to the bottom of the MY ACCOUNT screen to see them.

Tap a member to view their full profile details.

You can edit information except for birthdate, name, and Swimmer ID by tapping EDIT on the green bar at the bottom of the screen. If any fields have incorrect info we recommend contacting a team's admin or coach.

You can switch through your other members by tapping the arrows at the top.

Tap the various tabs to view specific information. To access additional tabs simply swipe your finger along with the tabs or use the lower arrows.


View attendance for each athlete taken by coaches in OnDeck and Coaching Tools.

  1. Set the date range for practices you want to view.

  2. Tap the ATTENDANCE and TOTAL DISTANCE blue boxes to toggle the information displayed. Tapping ATTENDANCE will change from a percentage value to the number of practices attended within the selected time period. Tapping TOTAL DISTANCE switches between yards and meters.

  3. If a practice was taken through OnDeck you can tap on the note icon to read or listen to a note that was left by the coach.

Best Times/Meet Results

The BEST TIMES and MEET RESULTS tabs show your athlete's personal bests and how well they have done recently. For a more extensive look at best times see below.

Future Meets

With the FUTURE MEETS tab you can easily sign up your athletes for events (tap Declare or RSVP) and view/edit events they have already signed up for (tap Edit Commitment). The Time Race buttons turn green on the day of the event and tapping it takes you right to the Time Race section of OnDeck.

Best Times

Take a look at your swimmers' best times by tapping the Hamburger icon > Membership > Best Times. These come from times imported on the web or MainSet.

Tap a swimmer to see their times. The number of results they have is to the right of their name.

  • Tap FILTER to select which distances, strokes, and course orders you want to see in the results. Tap SORT to sort by event or date. They will turn blue when active.

  • Tap a result row to see all results for that event and compare with time standards (see below).

  • Tap a time to convert between SCY, SCM, and LCM.

  • Tap a stopwatch to see splits.

Compare Best Times with Time Standards

Compare Best Times with Time Standards
  1. The fastest time is initially selected. Tap another to see how it compares with the standards below it.

  2. Tap to initially select time standards or pick different or additional ones.

  3. Hides/shows standards.

  4. Tap to hide/show the blue horizontal line displaying the time of the selected best time.

  5. Swipe left/right to see all standards. Tap a bar to see its time standard name and cut.

Time Standards

You and your swimmers can see how they stack up against selectable time standards. OnDeck will automatically default to the standards for your region. Tap Membership > Time Standards to access.

  1. Start by tapping Select Standards at the bottom.

  2. The standards default to regional standards for the current year. To change this, tap My Region, choose a region, Done. You may also tap the Year to choose a different year.

    Select one or more Time Standards
  3. Select one or more standards, DONE.

  4. Select a distance, stroke, and course.

    Select distance, stroke, course, gender and cut
  5. Tap Filter to collapse the stroke picker

  6. Select MALE or FEMALE.

  7. Tap a standard under an age group to see who did and didn't make the cut on the right.

  8. Use the arrows at the top to cycle through the different cuts.

  9. To include swim-up athletes when checking a standard, tap SWIM UP at the bottom, then enter the number of years younger to include, APPLY.

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