System Overview
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This guide explains what each menu item does in the side menu. You see it in the "back office" business side of the website after signing in.

Hello, Your Name*

The first menu name will display the name of the profile that is signed in and the account's permissions.

After you click the Sign in button at the top, you will be taken to the back office, where this is the first menu item. On the front end, the Sign-in button turns into your avatar circle after signing in. Click it to sign out.

Update Profile is the same as My Account > Account Info. When you click this, the following tabs are available:

  • Account — Update all your account information, reset your password, and upload your photo to fill in the avatar circle (sign out and back in to see your uploaded photo).

  • Members — See all members in your account, update certain details (disabled fields can only be updated by admins), check attendance, and more.

  • Billing Summary / Dues Schedule — Overview of billing, shows unapplied payments, balance, and balance overdue. It gives the ability to make payments and simulate future billing.

  • Payment Setup — Add and update payment methods and assign what it will be used for based on organizational settings.

  • Classes / Swim Lessons — See what your members are registered in and payment plan information.

Social / Team Feed

This is a private social media feed of activities posted by your org coaches and admins.

My Account

NOTE: You may not have access to one or some of these items, depending on the type of system being used.

  • Account Info — Same as Update Profile as described above.

  • Billing Summary —Overview of billing, shows unapplied payments, balance, and balance overdue. It gives the ability to make payments and simulate future billing.

  • Invoices & Payments - Gives access to Invoices, the ability to make payments, view fundraising obligations, and service hours.

  • Set Up Autopay — Allows the ability to add/edit credit cards and bank accounts for Auto-Payment and On-Demand

  • Event Fundraising — Track all donations made to your members (if offered by your organizations).

  • Competitive Registration — Register for your competitive team (if offered).

  • Class Registration — Register for classes.

Org Tools

  • News — Shows all news updates for current and archived.

  • Members Search — Search for other parents and members within the organization and view their contact information.

  • Coaches & Board Page — View your org's coaches and board of directors. Some organizations do not set this up.

Classes / Classes & Lessons

  • Class Registration — Register for classes. Same as My Account > Class Registration.

  • Lessons Registration - Register for Lessons.


  • Bookings Registration - Book appointments. Same as My Account > Bookings Registration.


View videos from your organization, including member and class-specific videos.

Events & Competition

The Calendar section lets you access our new calendar, combining three calendars. The first three items may be labeled differently by your org.

  • Calendar — View upcoming practices and events.

  • Practices — View upcoming and previous practices (if offered).

  • Clinics/Events — View current, upcoming, past, and archived clinics and events (if offered).

  • Event & Job Reports — View and download reports for job signups and a forecast of hours needed to fulfill job requirements.

Org / Team Resources

If you see this menu, it contains informational pages and documents meant only for the membership.

Help & Training

  • System Overview — Overview and guide of the site with the ability to search for other helpful articles.

  • Contact my Organization — Fill out a form with questions or concerns that gets emailed to org admins.

  • Terms of Use/Privacy Policy — Explains Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

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