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What is the SE Payments Dispute Process?
What is the SE Payments Dispute Process?
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What are Disputes?

Disputes are also referred to as Chargebacks. Disputes occur when a family unauthorizes a payment to your organization with the card provider. The cardholder initiates disputes and affects organizations that allow electronic payment processing.

When a dispute is initiated, the family's card provider withdraws the funds without authorization from SE Payments and returns them to the registrant. The organization can then submit evidence proving the legitimacy of the charge, which may overturn the dispute.

Click here to learn more about the best practices for disputes.

Is it possible to view a list of my organization's disputes?

Your organization's disputes can be accessed from SE Payments within the Disputes tab.

  • Navigate to Business Tools > SE Payments > Disputes.

Administrators can filter this report by date and status to keep track of each dispute's progress.

How and when am I notified of disputes?

Administrators will receive an email when:

  • The dispute is initiated.

    • The email will provide a link to submit evidence to fight the dispute.

  • Evidence has not been submitted, and the deadline is approaching.

  • The dispute is lost or won.

What can your organization do about a dispute?

We recommend contacting the registrant to explain the charges. Then, the registrant can contact the cardholder to reverse the dispute. The registrant will then need to make the payment to your organization again.

Failing the above, your organization can submit evidence that the charge is legitimate from the Dispute tab within SE Payments.

To submit evidence:

  1. From within the Dispute tab, find the "dispute" you'd like to submit evidence for.

  2. Click anywhere in the row to access the dispute form.

  3. Fill out the dispute form with as much information as you can. The more evidence you provide, the better the chance is of winning the dispute.

    1. Evidence may only be submitted once. If you need to gather more information before submitting, click Save Current Dispute Evidence.

  4. When you are ready, click Submit.

Important Notes

  • Dispute decision reversal is up to the registrant's card provider.

  • A decision on the dispute reversal can take 60-75 days after the evidence due date.

  • When a dispute is lost, funds will be pulled from their team SEPayment's connect account to cover the balance and will be visible in SE Payments under the transactions & payouts tabs under a new transaction type, 'Dispute.'

  • When a dispute is won, the funds stay in the organization's SE Payment connected account.

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