How to Create a Swimmer ID #
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You must have Admin Level - SuperUser access to create a swimmer ID number.

The Member ID attaches athletes to their times - all athletes must have a Member ID when using the Online Meet Entry System.

There are three ways in which administrators can build member ID numbers:

  • within the individual Member profile,

  • in Member Admin,

  • Requesting the member register with USA Swimming.

US Swimming IDs are based on the Birthdate, first three letters of the last name, middle initial, and the first four letters of the last name.

How to Create a Swimmer ID # Within the Member Profile

  1. Click Org Tools > Members from the left navigation menu.

  2. Search for the last name to find the desired member and click their name.

  3. Click Build Swimmer ID to generate an ID for the Member.

  4. Click Save.

How to Create ID # in Bulk Within Member Admin

  1. Click Org Tools > Members from the left navigation menu.

  2. By default, only active members are displayed. To include others:

    • Click Customize Filters.

    • Click Member Status on the left.

    • If you wish to include ALL members, uncheck Active so no statuses are selected. Otherwise, select your desired status(es).

    • Click Done.

  3. Select the member(s) you wish to generate a USS # by putting a checkmark next to their name(s).

  4. Click the Edit > Rebuild ID# button, then click OK.

How to Send a USA Swimming Registration Invitation

  1. Click Org Tools > USA Swimming Registration from the left navigation.

  2. Use the filters to select the "USAS Registration Status," "Invitation Status," and "Registration Requirements."

  3. In the upper right corner, click Send USAS Registration Invitation.

    • To preview the email sent, click Communication > USAS Registration Invitation.

  4. Click Send.

  5. Members receive an email with instructions on how to obtain memberships. Once obtained, the membership filters back to the individual automatically.

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