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Expert in 5 Minutes
Expert in 5 Minutes: USAS Swimming Roster
Expert in 5 Minutes: USAS Swimming Roster
Updated over a week ago

The USAS Swimming Roster allows you to effectively manage and view information for your swimmers. To access the USA Swimming Roster, click Org Tools > USA Swimming Roster from the left navigation menu.

From here, you can:

  1. Search or filter for rosters.

  2. View/Share the Registration Link to selected or all accounts.

  3. Export the list to Excel.

  4. Unlink the USAS Roster.

    • NOTE: This will show unlinked if USA Swimming differs in name and date of birth.

  5. View Roster Updates and mark them as read/unread.

  6. Link and unlink individual members.

  7. View New and Old ID #s.

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