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Bill by the Hour FAQ
Bill by the Hour FAQ
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How do I set up a Bill by the Hour Rate Plan?

  1. Then set up a payment plan for each class that will use that rate plan.

Why Should I Use a Bill by the Hour Rate Plan vs. a Flat Rate Plan for Class Tuition?

Hourly rate plans are a great solution if you charge tuition based on minutes vs. the number of classes taken.

Bill by the Hour rate plans complete all monthly calculations, so you do not have to add up minutes and apply a rate plan each month.

What is the Difference Between a Rate Plan and a Pay Plan?

Rate plans allow you to set an hourly tuition rate, when you will charge and collect payments, and if discounts apply.

Pay plans are specific to a class and can contain a Rate Plan and other additional fees. You may only have 1 Rate Plan per Pay Plan.

How are Weeks Calculated when Prorating?

The first day of a month begins the first week, so every month is assumed to be a four-week month.

How is Proration Calculated for No-Class Days in a 4-Week Month?

Members are not charged for missed classes if a class falls on a no-class day.

The no-class day proration divides the total fee by the number of classes for the 4-week period and subtracts the sessions that are no-class days.

For example, if a Friday Class has a monthly billing of $72, and the third Friday is a no-class day, the member would be charged $54.

Divide the fee ($72) by the number of classes(4). Then, multiply the result ($18) by the number of classes that took place (3). Your result is $54.

How is Proration Calculated for No-Class Days in a 5-Week Month?

Class proration is always calculated based on a 4-week month unless a no-class day falls on the class date. In this case, the 5th is used as a "backup" to allow you to collect revenue for that day.

For example, if there are 5 Mondays in a month and there is 1 Monday with no class, it would still count as 4 Mondays; if there were two no-class Mondays, there would be three billable Mondays for that month.

How is Monthly Tuition Calculated if the Billing Date is Set to a Date Other than the 1st?

No matter which date you choose for the billing date, tuition is based on the entire four weeks of the current month, unless Proration applies.

How is Additional Tuition Calculated if a Member Enrolls in Additional Classes?

The first charge date setting calculates tuition calculations and the difference between the previous charge and the total new tuition—the difference between the two is due during the initial month.

For example, if a student is taking 45 minutes of classes for $100/month, and a member registers for a second class for a total of 75 minutes at $130/month, $30 is due on the first charge date, and each month after that would be $130.

Can I Apply a Multi-Class Discount to a Rate Plan?

No. Rate plans calculate the total number of minutes taken vs. the number of classes taken.

You can, however, apply a multi-athlete discount to a rate plan.

NOTE: To use discounts on rate plans, you must attach the discount to the rate plan. Discounts in the class discount tab will not apply to rate plans until they are applied to a rate plan.

Can I Apply Different Rate Plans to the Same Class?

Yes, you can associate one Rate Plan per Pay Plan and use as many Pay Plans as needed per class.

For example, to create a charge for a new customer and one for an existing one, you would create two Rate Plans - one for each type of customer.

You would then create two Pay Plans for the class and associate the New Customer Rate Plan with the Existing Rate Plan to the other.

Can I Apply a Flat Fee and an Hourly Rate Pay Plan to the Same Class?

Yes, like having two different Rate Plans for a Class, you can set up a Pay Plan with a flat rate and a Pay Plan with a Rate Plan.

If a Member Drops a Class, What Should I Do to Ensure They're Billed Properly?

Not a thing! Their tuition is automatically adjusted based on their drop date.

Can I Set Up a Rate Plan to Charge at the Family Level?

Not at this time - Rate Plan pricing tiers apply to each member separately.

Within the Payment Plan, What Does the Clock Icon Represent?

The clock icon represents that the payment plan contains an hourly rate plan. Click the icon to view all details associated with how class tuition is calculated.

If a Member is Registered for Two Classes at the Same Time, How are Their Fees Calculated?

We will take the total time of both classes and determine the fee. We will then divide that fee into per-session costs.

For example, the Rate is $97.00 for the two classes, $97/8 sessions = $12.125 a session. So, $12.125 X 4 = $48.50 per month for each class.

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