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How to Print Swim England Registration Data
How to Print Swim England Registration Data
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You must have Admin Level - SuperUser access to print Swim England registration data.

SwimOffice allows you to print Swim England Registration data for each athlete so you can manually enter it into Swim England's system. To do this, ensure all the Swim England information is correct in each athlete's profile, then print hard copies for manual entry into Swim England's system.

  1. Click Org Tools > Accounts or Members in the side menu.

  2. Click the Swim England Registration tab.

  3. If you want to see columns with various ASA data,

    • Click Customize Columns.


    • Remove any unneeded columns on the right.

    • Click Add on any columns on the left you want to include, then drag and drop them on the right to put them in the order you wish to.

    • Once configured how you like, click Saved Views, name it, and click Save.

  4. Use Customize Filters to narrow your selection if needed.

  5. Ensure all ASA data is complete in each athlete's profile you intend to register.

  6. You can select one or more athletes, then click Edit > Multi-Edit to change specific properties simultaneously.

  7. Select all athletes to register and click Export > ASA Form.

  8. SwimOffice will generate a PDF with one page per athlete, in which you can manually register the athletes with Swim England.

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