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How to Import Membership Database & Results
How to Import Membership Database & Results
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If your membership database is stored in a format other than .CSV or SDIF, or if you are a part of Swim Canada or Swim England, please click here for instructions on how to transfer the data for import.

Membership Import File Requirements

To have a successful import, please ensure your spreadsheet (either .CSV or .XLS) includes the following:

  • A unique ID associated with the athlete.

    • Required, even for inactive athletes, to connect the athlete to their meet results.

    • If using Team Manager™, choose USS in your Team/Team Registration settings to generate the ID.

  • Athlete's First, Middle (complete or initial), and Last Name

    • If the athlete has no middle name, use an asterisk (*).

  • Athlete's Birthdate

  • Athlete's Gender

  • At least one parent's First and Last Name (for active athletes)

  • At least one parent's Email(for active athletes)

    • The email address creates a login.

    • Please note that Team Manager™ automatically uses the father's information as the primary. If you prefer to have another parent as primary, please email your onboarding coach and let us know.

  • Address (optional)

  • Phone number (optional)

Results Import File Requirements

Typically, Results data exports into a .ZIP file, which contains .CL2 or .HY3 files. To have a successful import, please ensure that your file contains:

  • The athlete's unique ID to match the results to the athlete.

  • Gender

  • Results (Splits/Relays for Swim)

How to Upload Membership Database and Results

  1. Click Help & Training > Deployment Dashboard from the left navigation menu.

  2. Scroll down and click DATABASE MIGRATION to expand the section.

  3. Click Member Database Upload.

  4. Locate, select, and open the saved membership file.

  5. Click Times Database Upload.

  6. Locate, select, and open the saved results file.

  7. Click Save/Upload.

Upon completion, the Deployment staff verifies and imports the data and marks the task complete in the Deployment Dashboard.

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