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YMCA: Coach Registration
YMCA: Coach Registration
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NOTE: Coaches approved on YMCA teams are automatically notified via email when their certifications expire in 60 days, 30 days, and the day they expire. This gives time to renew the certifications. Admins will be notified when the certifications expire.

After registering your account, register yourself as a coach. To do that, navigate to your YMCA registration website and sign in with the account information.

How to Review Coach Information

  1. In the left navigation menu, click YMCA Admin > Coaches.

  2. Locate your name and click on it.

    • If you do not see your name, search for it in the Search for Coaches field.

  3. As a requirement for YMCA Coach Registration, ensure that all of your General Information is complete and accurate.

List of coaches
Search for Coaches

How to Update Certifications

  1. Scroll down to the Update Certificates section.

  2. Input valid expiration dates for each of the required certifications.

  3. To upload valid copies of all the certifications for verification by the YMCA of the USA, click Browse and select the file.

  4. Once all the information is entered, click Save.

  5. The information is uploaded to the YMCA Database.

Update Certificates

How to Convert a Member to a Coach

  1. Go to Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > Members Tab.

  2. Select the member(s) to convert to a YMCA Coach.

  3. Click Edit > Convert Members to YMCA Coaches.

    Edit > Convert Members to YMCA Coaches
  4. Click OK to confirm.

  5. Verify the change(s) by clicking YMCA Admin > Coaches tab and locating the Member(s) on the list.

How to Set Coaches' Admin Level

This can only be done by a SuperUser. If you directly add a coach from the YMCA Admin, a Member and Account are automatically generated in the Member Admin section. If the Coach is a member, convert that member to a YMCA Coach, as seen in the previous step.

  1. Go to YMCA Admin > Coaches

  2. Click the + Add Coach

  3. Fill out the information and set the Admin Level.

    TeamUnify Admin Level
  4. Click Save.

  5. The new Coach is added.

How to Submit a Coach Registration

  1. To submit the coach registration, scroll back to the top of the page and click Submit Coach Registration.

    • You will receive additional details via email, and you can see your registration status.

  2. If you need to submit registrations for other coaches, you may do so now or submit the Team Registration if it has not been completed.

How to Remove a Coach from YMCA Admin

To remove a coach from YMCA Admin, but not as a member:

  1. Select the member(s) check box(es).

  2. Click Edit > Remove As YMCA Coach(es).

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