YMCA: Meet Sanctions
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After the team and coaches are registered, continue the process of submitting a meet sanction. Navigate to the YMCA registration website and sign in.

How to Create a Meet Sanction

  1. Navigate to YMCA Admin > Meet Sanctions

  2. Click + Request Sanction.

  3. Enter all the required information about the meet.

    • Any field with a red outline is a required field.

  4. Upload a meet information packet.

    • If unsure of the requirements of a Meet Packet, click the Sanction Meet Requirements link providing the required details for is available.

      Sanction Meet Requirements link
  5. Once all information is completed and uploaded, click Save.

How to Submit Your Meet Sanction Request

At the top of the page, when all of the Meet Sanction information is saved and you are ready to submit the Meet Sanction request, click the Pay & Submit Meet Sanction Request.

A form to pay for the team registration via credit card is displayed:

  • If no CC is on file, simply fill in credit card and billing details (click Copy From Account Info to save time), then click Next.

  • If a CC is on file, simply fill in the card's CVV.

  • To use a different CC than the one on file, click Add/Select Card > Add New Card > fill in credit card and billing details or click Copy From Account Info to save time > Next.

  • Click Submit & Pay, then OK to confirm.

The request is sent to YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving for approval, and further instructions, status changes, and updates are sent via email. All existing requests will be displayed on the Meet Sanctions page.

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