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How to Create a Booking
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Superuser or Bookings Admin - Full access is required.

Use bookings to rent space for birthday parties, private events, or private lessons.

Once the initial booking setup is complete, we can add a new booking. If a previous booking is available, you may clone/copy it following these steps.

Helpful Tip: A great way to sort bookings and help parents find what they want is to create Programs and Sub-Programs. Including "Birthday Party" in the Program or Sub-Program also helps direct new memberships!


  • Program: Birthday Parties

  • Sub-Program: December Birthday Parties

  • Class Title: BDP: December 1st-7th

Add a New Booking

  1. In the side menu, click Bookings > Bookings Admin.

  2. Click New Booking.

  3. Fill out the form as required/desired.

  4. Click Save.

Booking Date and Time

  1. Click the Date/Time tab.

  2. Enter the time zone, dates, open for booking, and duration.

  3. To determine how far your appointments are available, check the Appointment Registration Time Limit box and enter the desired calendar days.

  4. To lock appointment changes before the appointment time, check the Appointment Frozen Window, then enter the time before the appointment.

    • Admins can still book the appointment for a member to overlap this restriction.

  5. Check the box to allow parents to cancel or change the appointment time.

  6. To set the appointment day and hours of the week, click Hours and fill out the fields.

  7. If including Additional Appointment Day & Hours, click Hours and fill out the fields.

  8. Click Save.

Booking Discounts

  1. Click the Discounts tab.

  2. Select the desired discount plan option.

  3. If selecting the Sub Program Discount Plan, select the coupon availability by clicking Edit and checking the box to allow coupons as desired.

  4. If you selected Custom Discount Plan, click New Discount Plan and enter the plan information as desired. When finished, click Save.

    • Click Edit to allow/disallow coupons as desired.

  5. Click Save & Continue.

Booking Payment Plans

  1. Click the Booking Payment Plans tab.

  2. Click Payment Plan Item.

  3. Fill out the desired payment plan details.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Save & Close.

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