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Expert in 5 Minutes: Teacher Store Reporting
Expert in 5 Minutes: Teacher Store Reporting
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The Reports in the Teacher Store allow you to:

  • Easily keep track of dress code purchases - See who has purchased the required apparel and who has yet to purchase.

  • Manage purchase reminders - Send a templated reminder email.

  • Track your Teacher Store performance - See all purchases made through your teacher store, even if they were not made through SportsEngine Motion.

  • Manually mark dress code purchases for parents - If parents haven’t used your Teacher Store, you can manually mark that they have purchased the required dress code items.

How to Access Reports

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Teacher Store.

  2. On the Teacher Store Dashboard are two tabs for reports: the Purchase Report and the Teacher Store Invoices Report.

How to View the Purchase Report

This report shows you information about all purchases, including who has purchased their items and who hasn't.

  1. Click the Purchase Report tab.

  2. Use the filters to find specific purchases, or use the drop-down menu and select "All" to view all purchases.

  3. Find who has yet to purchase dress code apparel by using the "Unpurchased" filter.

How to View the Invoices Report

The Teacher Store Invoices Report lists every purchase made through your teacher store, even if not made through your site, so long as your Teacher Code was used on the Discount Dance site.

  1. Click the Teacher Store Invoices Report tab.

From here, you can:

  • Search via invoice number for specific invoices.

  • Click on the invoice for more information.

  • Review the "source" of the purchase - for example, if the purchase followed a Class Registration or an email reminder.

Helpful Tip: If a purchase doesn’t appear in the reports, contact Discount Dance Support with the parents' order number to confirm that the order was correctly associated with your teacher ID.

How to Manually Mark Dress Code Purchases

Purchases made outside your teacher store will not automatically appear in your reporting, but you can manually mark them as purchased.

  1. Access the Purchase Report tab and find the relevant "Account" using the search filter.

  2. Select the check box to the left of the Account Registered name and click the Mark as Purchased button.

  3. The dress code now shows as purchased on your report.

How to Send Dress Code Purchase Reminders

  1. To send a reminder to an individual, click the Purchase Report tab and click the Preview & Edit Purchase Reminder button.

  2. A template email pops up. You can view and edit this before it is sent by clicking the Customize button. Click Save when you have finished editing.

  3. Click Close to exit the popup.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the registered account name you would like to send the reminder.

  5. Click the Send Purchase Reminder button.

  6. Click Send.

You can also send the reminder in bulk using the "Unpurchased" filter. Simply select all the checkboxes and click the Send Purchase Reminder button to send a reminder to everyone who has yet to purchase the dress code items.

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