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How to Add a Dress Code to a Class
How to Add a Dress Code to a Class
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How to Activate the Dress Code

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Click the gear icon by an existing class.

  3. Click on the Dress Code tab.

  4. Select this class has a dress code.

  5. Enter a "Dress Code Description" that reflects the dress code requirements. This information is displayed during registration.

  6. Click Save and Close or proceed to the next section to set up the Discount Dance Dress Code.

How to Set Up the Discount Dance Dress Code

For this, you must set up your Teacher Store with Discount Dance.

  1. After activating a dress code for this class, select Use Discount Dance Dress Code to choose the dress code you have set up previously using Discount Dance.

    • If you have not previously set up a dress code, create one by clicking + New Dress Code.

  2. Click Save & Close or continue to set a Purchase Deadline.

How to Set a Purchase Deadline

Setting a Purchase Deadline alerts your parents to remind them to purchase their items.

  1. Select the checkbox to enable Dress Code Purchase Deadline.

  2. Set a specific date (example, Choose a week before your class begins) OR

  3. Set Trailing days to set the deadline a specific number of days after registering for class. (Used if there is no strict class registration period or if students join on a rolling basis.)

  4. Click Save & Close.

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