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Mobile: How to Add Media & Attachments to a Post
Mobile: How to Add Media & Attachments to a Post
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You must give the Mobile App permission to take pictures, record videos, and access photos, media, and files.

  1. In the upper left corner, tap the hamburger icon or slide right to open the navigation menu.

  2. Tap Social Feed.

  3. Tap Share something with your team...

  4. Tap the + icon in the lower right corner.

  5. Tap Voice Note, Photo, Video, Scrapbook, or Practice.

    • Voice Note

      • Tap Voice Note.

      • Tap the Microphone.

        • While recording, you can tap the Pause button to stop recording. Listen to the message by tapping Play, or delete the message by tapping the Trash Can.

    • Photo/Video

      • Tap Photo.

      • From here, you may:

        • Tap the Camera icon to take pictures.

        • Tap the photos you'd like to share in your library/gallery.

    • Scrapbook

      • Tap Scrapbook.

      • Add an existing scrapbook to your post or create a new one.

      • Tap Save.

  6. After you've captured or added all of your media, tap Done.

  7. Tap Post to share.

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