How to Delete a Member Group
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  1. Click Business Tools > Org Profile & Settings in the side menu.

  2. Click the Membership tab.

  3. Click the Member Group tab.

  4. Check the box by the roster group or squad you wish to delete.

  5. Click Edit > Delete.

  6. Click OK to confirm. If it is successfully deleted, skip the rest of the steps.

  7. If you get the message “Please delete/change all the Members of these Roster Groups before deleting them," you still have members attached to that particular group or squad.

  8. Click Org Tools > Members.

  9. Click Customize Filters.

  10. Click the Member Group dropdown and select the one(s) you want to delete.

  11. Click the Member Status dropdown and Select All.

  12. When finished, click Done or Apply.

  13. Select all the members and click Edit > Multi-Edit.

  14. Click the Set Member Group dropdown and select a different group to move them to.

  15. When finished, click Save.

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