How to Set Data Visibility
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To comply with GDPR, you can define what types of membership data are visible to admin levels below Superusers.

  1. In the side menu, click Org Tools > Privacy Settings

  2. Click the Data Visibility tab.

    Data Visibility
  3. Hover over the icon for each dropdown to see what data it includes.

  4. Click a dropdown, such as Financial, and select which admins can see that data set.

  5. All Admins (default)

  6. Roster Admins/Squad Admins (UK) - A Roster or Squad Admin will only be able to see this data for rosters or squads to which they have been assigned. Superusers can see this data regardless.

  7. Superusers Only - Any admin level below a Superuser will not see the data set in the Accounts or Members list or individual profiles.

  8. Repeat for all drop-downs.

  9. Click Save when finished.

After you have defined these settings, you must assign admins to their appropriate rosters or squads (see first article below). If they view restricted data for which they are not a roster/squad admin, it will show as "(Hidden)."

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