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How to Set Up an Existing Class's Payment Plan
How to Set Up an Existing Class's Payment Plan
Updated over a week ago
  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Click the “Settings” cog to the right of the class name.

  3. Click the Class Payment Plans tab.

  4. Click + New Plan.

  5. Enter the Plan Name.

  6. If desired, select "Registration Default" to make this the default payment plan or “Visible at Registration” if you want the Payment Plan to be available when registering.

    • If this is the first/only plan created, it is automatically set as the default plan.

    • Registrants must select a plan during checkout and can choose which plan they'd like if there are multiple options.

  7. Click + Payment Plan Item.

  8. Fill out the Charge Name, and choose whether the charge should recur.

    • If recurring, fill out the Charge Amount per athlete, the charge category, the first charge, the Charge Cycle, if the charge should be prorated, and when each installment is due.

    • If non-recurring, fill out the Charge Amount per Athlete and the Charge Category. These charges can also be added to incur before the class start date.

  9. When finished, click Save Changes.

  10. If you want to assign students now, click Assign and select the students you want to add to the class.

  11. When finished, click Save.

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