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How to Automatically Set an Unattached Date
How to Automatically Set an Unattached Date
Updated over a week ago

You must have Admin Level - SuperUser access to set an unattached date automatically.

Although you can manually set an athlete as unattached in meet entries, you must do this for every meet until the waiting period ends. An easier way is to set their Attach Date to when the waiting period is over in their Member profile. Then, it will automatically enter them unattached in every meet until that date arrives.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Org Tools > Members.

  2. Search for your athlete.

  3. Click their name to edit.

  4. Fill in the Attach Date field with the date they will become attached.

  5. Click Save.

They will now be automatically entered in upcoming meets as unattached as follows:

  • If the Attach Date is GREATER (later) than the start date of the meet, the athlete’s entries will be marked UN.

  • If the Attach Date is LESS (earlier) THAN OR EQUAL TO the Start Date, then the athlete’s entries will NOT be marked UN.

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