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Class Registration and Shopping Cart Flow
Class Registration and Shopping Cart Flow
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All information entered is automatically saved. If the shopping cart is left, after 20 minutes, the added items are released and made available to others.

  1. First, access Class Registration.

    • If you are logged in: From the left navigation panel, click Classes > Class Registration.

    • If you are not logged in: From the top horizontal menu of the website, click the Class Registration tab.

  2. Scroll through the sessions/classes presented on the screen, or use the filters presented on the left to narrow the results.

    • Sessions must have active classes to show in the filter.

  3. Once you've chosen your class, to the right-hand side, click Checkout.

    • If this is the only class you are adding, you can click Checkout Now and skip to step 5.

  4. Add all of the programs/classes you'd like. When you're finished, from the top of the page, click My Shopping Cart.

  5. If applicable, enter any missing information from your account and click Next to continue.

  6. Review the items that are in your shopping cart.

  7. For each class you've selected, below Payment Plan, select the payment plan option you'd like to use.

  8. Assign a member using the Assign Member dropdown within the corresponding class.

    • To add a new member, choose Add New Member. Once the member has been added, use the drop-down to assign them to their class.

  9. If a registrant is only participating in a portion of the class, fill out the custom class start/end dates to receive a prorated rate.

  10. [Optional] If needed, you can:

    • Change Slot - To change the slot, click the slot dropdown to select a new slot.

    • Add Registrations - To register for another slot during this class.

    • Trash Can icon - To delete a slot from your shopping cart.

    • Register for Additional Classes - To go back to the list of Programs/Classes to add additional classes. Any information you have already filled out will be saved.

  11. To proceed, click Next.

  12. On the Sign Agreements page, click View Agreement. Choose to Print or Close. Then, select "I have read and agree." for each item.

  13. When finished, click Next.

  14. Confirm that the Purchase Details and Account Information are correct, and click Next.

  15. Select/Add your Payment Method, and review Billing Information and the Purchase Summary for accuracy.

    • Any outstanding balances will appear as a part of the Subtotal.

  16. When satisfied, click Pay Now.

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