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How to Set Up a BBPOS Wise POS E Card Reader in POS
How to Set Up a BBPOS Wise POS E Card Reader in POS
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You will need to have purchased the BBPOS Wise POS E Card Reader to proceed. Click here for purchase information.

You may only have your terminal connected to POS or Billing Manager - they cannot be online simultaneously.

Turn the Reader On

You must first install the battery and charge the reader using the provided cable.

Once the reader is fully charged, hold down the power button until the screen turns on, and then press the power button to wake the device.

Connect Reader to the Internet

You will need to connect your WisePOS card reader to the same local network you are using with the device accessing the website. This can be done via WiFi or an ethernet cable (an optional dock purchased separately is needed.)

For more information connecting your reader to the internet, please click here.

How to Add a Reader

  1. Enter 07139 into the terminal, and it will display a registration code.

    • If using the card reader for both PoS and Billing manager, write down this code each time you switch between the two.

  2. On your computer, navigate to your website and Sign In.

  3. In the side menu, click Point of Sale > Setup.

  4. Click Manage Terminal Readers...

  5. Click Add New Reader...

  6. Enter the reader's registration code from step 1.

  7. Enter a Label, such as "Front Desk."

  8. Click Register.

  9. Click Close.

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