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How to Purchase and Set Up a Card Reader
How to Purchase and Set Up a Card Reader
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NOTE: The terminal can only connect to POS or Billing Manager. They must be online at different times.

Click here to view a reader comparison.

How to Create and Activate the Account

These steps are needed to purchase the card reader, and you are not signing up to work directly with Stripe.

  1. Create an account by following the prompts here.

  2. Hover over the Test Mode orange toggle at the top right-hand side until the warning below appears.

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  3. Click Activate Your Account.

    • If the screen navigates to the Activate Your Account page, click Continue.

How to Activate Payments

If payments are not activated, card readers will only be available in the cart in Test mode, which is visible at the top left corner of the screen.

  1. Complete all five sections and their subsections on the Activate Payments page.

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Setting Up Your Stripe Terminals

Familiarize yourself with the unique features of the specific terminal before proceeding, focusing on:

  • Powering the reader on and off.

  • Charging your reader.

  • Checking the battery status.

  • How the reader connects to the device (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi/Ethernet), and how to switch networks.

Learn more about the reader by clicking the links below:

Before proceeding, please ensure the reader is fully charged and connected to the internet or Bluetooth.

Add Reader

Add it to the website to begin processing payments once you've purchased and learned about the reader. Click the appropriate link below to learn how to add the terminal to the website.

Mobile - Point of Sale and Billing Manager

Point of Sale

Billing Manager

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