Reconciling SE Payments
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The reconciliation with TeamUnify is a three-part process.

Part 1: SE Payments Report

  1. Click Business Tools > SE Payments > SE Payments Payouts.

  2. Click on the payout that you would like to reconcile and make a note of the following:

    • Last 3 digits of the Payout ID.

    • Processing Fee amount.

    • Total Deposit amount.

    • The date range of Payout.

Part 2: Income Transaction Report

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > Inc Trans Rpt.

  2. Select the date range.

    • Use the 2nd of the month as the "Start Date".

    • Use the most recent date in the SE Payments Report as your "End Date."

  3. Select both Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges.

  4. In the Payout Batch ID, type in the last 3 digits of the Payout ID. Click on the payout.

  5. Click Export to EXCEL.

Part 3: Excel

  1. In the Excel Report, delete accounts with $0 in the Payment Sub Total column.

    • These are accounts with invoices but without payments in the time period.

  2. Within the Transaction Total column, account for totals that are not $0. If the amount is:

    • Positive - a credit was used, or an invoice was added but was paid outside of the date ranges used to pull the report.

    • Negative - a credit was created but not used, an invoice was paid but added outside of the date ranges used to pull the report.

  3. After updating the Excel spreadsheet, re-calculate the totals in the "Total" field - they are static and will not automatically update.

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