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How to Reconcile Credit Card Activity with Financial Reports (UK)
How to Reconcile Credit Card Activity with Financial Reports (UK)
Updated over a week ago

You can use the Financial Reports page in the SportsEngine interface to view net deposits made to your bank account and to reconcile them with your bank statement.

  1. Log in to your SportsEngine site.

  2. Click the Admin gear in the upper left.

  3. Click Financial Reports on the left. This will bring up a list of all credit card activity, with a default date range from the 1st of the month to today.

    UK Financial Reports
  4. You have several options from here.

    • Use the two date fields to change the date range of transactions displayed.

    • Click a column header to sort by that column.

    • Click the Online Payments dropdown to select Refunds - Online instead. Note: Any offline payments, refunds, and voids entered in Back Office won’t show here, so ignore those selections in the dropdown.

    • Click Payouts to view the net amounts deposited to your bank account after subtracting processing fees. There is typically a three-day lag from when the transaction is initiated in the Back Office to when the funds are deposited.

      UK Payouts activity

    • Click Export to generate a CSV file of the date range selected that you can view in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel.

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