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How to Manage Duplicate Accounts/Members
How to Manage Duplicate Accounts/Members
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Accounts cannot be merged, but there are two available workarounds.

If one of the accounts doesn't have financials attached, delete it. If a Swimmer ID is being used, times automatically sync to the new profile.

If the account has financials, we recommend keeping the older account and moving new data from the new account. After that, set the newer account to Canceled/Hidden to retain the financial information.

To Delete an Account:

  1. In the side menu, click Org or Team Tools > Members.

  2. Search for the account to delete.

  3. Check the box by the account.

  4. Click Edit > Delete.

  5. Click OK to confirm you'd like to delete the account.

To Merge Accounts:

  1. Open two browser tabs.

  2. In the side menu, click Org or Team Tools > Members.

  3. In one tab, pull up the older account. In the second tab, pull up the newer account. Search for the account name in the search box, and click the name of the person to access the account.

  4. Manually enter any new data from the new account into the old account.

  5. Ensure the email addresses in the two accounts are different.

    • Make sure that the login email address is correct in the older account so that the user will be able to log in without errors.

  6. If applicable, ensure the USA Swimmer IDs are correct.

    • If the parent changed the swimmer's information (adding a middle name, for example), the ID will be different and will not attach to their results. Please contact support with the old and new IDs to update.

  7. On the older account, click Save.

  8. On the unwanted account, in the Account Status drop-down, elect Cancelled/Hidden.

  9. Click Save.

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